Unesco Water
The IHP information newsletter, Waterway, was a quarterly publication of the IHP Secretariat. It included news from the IHP Secretariat as well as from the IHP National Committees, project updates, regional reports, an NGO corner, information on new IHP publications, international meetings and courses, editorial comments from leading members of the international scientific community, and other useful and current news.

Waterway was first issued in its present format in October 1994 (issue n 1, October 1994-March 1995) and culminated with issue n 19 (July-September 1999). At the 28th session of the IHP Bureau, held in Geneva, Switzerland from 13-16 September 1999, it was decided that, in order to reduce costs and workload, Waterway would be published in electronic form only. Therefore, issue n18 was the last newsletter in printed format.