By Taholo Kami for UNESCO

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Table of Contents

A. Introduction and Workshop Summary (MS Word)
  Sample Seminar Programme / Agenda

Module 1 - Getting Started: Internet 101: A broad overview of the opportunities with the Internet and obstacles to national participation

  Module 2 - eCommerce and the Pacific SMEs: ecommerce, what works and how to apply a strategy for a small business in the Pacific. This helps policy makers grasp ecommerce from a local business perspective.

Module 3 - eGovernment - the role of Government: In small island countries, Governments are the biggest employer as well as policy maker. This makes the Government an important catalyst for implementing a national IT strategy

  Module 4 - Culture and Society: A cultural nightmare? What is the impact on our cultures? Can we afford NOT to be online?
  Module 5 - Security and Networking Issues: What are the threats of an information enabled economy? What is perceived and what is real? How do we deal with it?
  Module 6 - Building IT Capacity: Most Pacific Island countries are faced with the dilemma of participation in an information age without people with the skills to participate. What do we do now? How do we upskill an organization or a nation?
  Module 7 - An Approach to Creating an IT Policy: This session helps participants work from a realistic view of current status in a nation and identify steps towards developing policies that will enable participation in the information age
C Other Resources

There are numerous websites on the Internet with materials that may be useful for presentation. The challenge is getting relevant Pacific Island examples. A Pacific IT Portal will be created on with links to various online resources that may have some Pacific Island relevance. This will be available by April 2002 for all trainers.